Will my review be anonymous?
Of course, we want you to feel free to say whatever you want. Your name will not appear anywhere!

Are all the reviews by students?
They sure are, we pride ourselves on being completely unbiased. We verify everyone who wants to leave a review by using their student email address. 

Does everyone who leaves a review get a reward?
Yes, yes and yes again. We really value your opinions and to say thank you everyone who leaves a review will receive rewards from our great partners as well as being entered into our competition.

How many reviews can I leave?
The quality of our reviews is of the highest importance so we only allow students to leave one review each per year. Only the most reliable and up to date information is available on the site.

What type of properties can I review?
We let students review all types of properties: houses, flats, apartments, University halls and Private halls.

Why can’t I leave a review?
In order to leave a review you have to verify that you are a student using the email address provided to you by your University (eg.username@youruni.ac.uk)

Will my landlord or management see my review?
StudentView will be inviting landlords and property managers to look at the anonymous reviews left by their tenants. This way we will give them a chance to improve based on your comments.

When will the review appear online?
Reviews will start to appear on the site soon! Things are moving fast and we are doing our best keep up.

Is StudentView partnered with any accommodation provider?
Nope! We are completely independent of all the accommodation agencies and providers. Our aim is provide the most reliable information that isn’t influenced in anyway – ‘We tend to think of ourselves as a one-man wolf pack’ … that is, unless you want to join?

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